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DECLEOR has created three TECHNIQUES adapted to your every desire. Each one of our treatments features the ditinctive DECLEOR style; a welcoming diagnostic back massage and facial tailored to the specific nature of your skin.



Mar Hall Tranquility Floating Facial


70 mins

Carried out on a warm water filled pillow, feel your body relax as you sink in to the pillow and float in to a state of relaxation. After cleansing, exfoliating and massage, your masque will be applied. Whilst this is activating. a theraputic back massage will be carried out as you float away in to a dreamlike state.



DECLEOR Relaxing Aromatic Facial


55 mins

DECLEOR uses its own special art of massage to your face. Your therapist will choose from Essential, Purify, Nourish,Soothe, Lift or Radiance to relax the entire face using treasures if aromatherapy.



DECLEOR Classic Aromatic Facial



This mulit-active, 100% natural treatment is tailored to every skin type. Your therapist selects products to rebalance your skin's concerns. At the heart of this treatment is a masque that has a truly inique and suprising texture, with linseed, wheat germ and sunflower.



DECLEOR Aroma Expert FacialTreatments


70 mins

These targeted treatments provide and expert response to the needs of every skin type. Even the most demanding skin is satisfied. Every Aroma Expert Treatment offers a concentrate of highly targeted pure Essential Oils and Plant Extracts.



Aroma Expert Essential


70 mins

This precision treatment provides an instant and long-term response for thirsty skin.



Aroma Expert Purify


70 mins

An Intensive balancing treatment for oily or combination skin



Aroma Expert Nourish


70 mins

A deep nourishing treatment to replenish lost moisture and reinforce the skin's barrier function.



Aroma Expert Soothe


70 mins

A wonderful calming treatment to comfort sensitive skin.



Aroma Expert Lift Evidence


70 mins

Designed to combat the first visible signs of ageing, this revitilising teatment restores radience and softens the appearance of expression lines.



Aroma Expert Lift Experience


85 mins

Fine Lines and wrinkles that become more obvious with age are softened and the skin is flooded with moisture to ensure the complexion appears naturally radiant and youthful.



DECLEOR Vital Eyes


40 mins

Keep eyes sparkling and slow the signs of time, stress and fatigue with this incredibly relaxing and targated treatment. Eyes become clearer, fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed, and shadows and puffiness are eliminated.


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